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Home Renovation Trends for 2022

With warmer weather finally arriving, now is the season for home renovating. Whether you're looking to make your house feel more like a home, or if you want to update a room to make it more functional, it helps to know about this year’s trends. Staying up to date with renovation trends is also key for real estate investors who want to transform a property into one that most appeals to prospective homebuyers.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top home renovation trends for 2022.

Bold is in

Bold colors and patterns are in for 2022. Eye-catching wall colors and even modern wallpapers are a great way for homeowners to show off their personality while creating a fun ambiance in their home.

With color therapy becoming more prevalent, we expect blues, greens, pinks, and burnt oranges to be go-to choices this year. Green mirrors natural elements while blue tones can make someone feel as if they’re on a relaxing tropical island.

Unique color contrasts, especially in the kitchen, are also trending this year. People want to bring their space to life while also putting meaning into each color they choose.

Enhanced outdoor spaces

For years we’ve been bringing the indoors out, but in 2022, this trend is expected to grow even more. Creating a functional outdoor space, by adding a deck, patio, or awning, is a simple yet effective way to make use of a home’s exterior.

Aesthetically pleasing structures provide protection from the sun while also adding beauty and making an outdoor space feel more connected. Adding new furniture and decorative touches can also take an outdoor space to the next level.

Home offices enter the spotlight

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. While the home office was once just another room to store Christmas decorations or spare clothes, today, home offices are front and center.

Allocating space in the home to serve as a home office is a must. This could mean transforming a guest room by adding a desk and a fresh coat of paint or changing the layout of an existing office to make it more functional.

White kitchens

Though many thought that this trend would die off years ago, white kitchens continue to be a go-to look for homeowners across the country. A mostly white kitchen creates a bright, uplifting space with a fresh, clean feel. To keep the space from looking too cold or stark, it’s important to add softness and balance.

Incorporating classic details, such as wood accents, beadboard, and shiplap add warmth and character.

Emphasis on functional islands

The kitchen island has steadily increased in popularity over the last few years. These days, the island is a ubiquitous part of the kitchen. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, consider the island an artery.

Today's kitchen islands are for much more than cutting vegetables or holding pretty vases of flowers. A growing number of homeowners want islands that offer extra counter space and storage. Others want an island that offers a prep sink, dishwasher, microwave, and seating.

Low-curb showers

Curbless shower entries have taken the backseat to low-curb showers. Homeowners realized that creating curbless showers is not only tricky, but extremely expensive. If installed incorrectly, a curbless shower can lead to costly water damage.

For these reasons, homeowners have flocked to low-curb showers. This design is more attainable while offering the same benefits as a curbless shower.

Having a low-profile barrier creates a safe entrance and exit to a shower. It lightens the look of the room while creating the appearance of a bigger, more open space. The addition of light, airy tile can transform a guest bathroom into a guest spa!

Freestanding bathtubs

While kidney-shaped soaking tubs once ruled the industry, freestanding bathtubs have taken over. Homeowners who enjoy taking a bath much prefer a freestanding acrylic soaking model. These tubs are nothing short of elegant and luxurious, but they often require extensive changes to existing plumbing and room layout.

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