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/// The Future of                          Renovation & Repair

Engineering Beautiful Environments ®


More than Builders,

HomeRX is your business partner.

HomeRX is a full-service construction company, general contractor, design-builder and construction manager serving the greater area of Chattanooga, TN.

Founded in 2017, HomeRX is the quickest growing construction / renovation company in Chattanooga. 

Home: Our Services

Our creations.

They speak for themselves. What you see here is the result of 13 years of experience. We have the experience, the manpower and the know-how to ensure that your renovation will be up to the highest standards, and your home will look great.

Worry free work.

Your home is your castle.

We understand that.

We  also understand the need for communication and clarity.

We take the time to actively work with you to fully understand your needs and deliver the perfect, customized product to fulfill your needs.

Home: Our Services

Client Updates.

You deserve clarity. 

Our In-House Software ensures complete understanding and full visibility over all projects.

Includes 24/7 updates: including budget changes, photos, and video walk-throughs of the project to reference.

What our clients say.

Because our partners matter.


Timothy Young

"I have worked with construction companies across Chattanooga. HomeRX is unequivocally levels beyond their competition. Everything - project scope clarity, accurate budgeting, timely construction. They all go according to their meticulous phase organization."


Annalise Martin

"The level of communication we received from HomeRX is unknown in the construction industry. As as out-of-state investor, I feel as though I have lived in these houses... 180 miles away. Clarity is everything to them.


Stephen Edwards

"The individuals at HomeRX, from the craftsmen building to the CFO are all amazing.

Their hardworking and collaborative culture has caused repeat customers to become a common occurrence."

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